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Custom Booth

(formerly Wedding Booth)

Custom Booth turns your iPad into a customizable, inexpensive DIY photo booth and guestbook for any event.

Customizable: Your Event, Your Way

Custom Booth is fully customizable. You control the look, feel, and function of each booth you create by choosing the text, font, background image, and a myriad of settings. Use one of the included high resolution background images or choose your own to make your booth look just the way you want. Custom Booth will help you create a gorgeous iPad photo booth for your wedding, birthday, graduation, reunion, or any other event you can think of.

Manage Multiple Booths

Custom Booth now lets you create and save an unlimited amount of photo booths for your events. Easily switch between booths, view photos and composites from old booths, and delete old booths that you no longer need on your iPad.

Save. Send. Print.

Custom Booth combines your guest's photos and guestbook message into one beautifully designed composite image which is saved to your device so that you can enjoy them all once the event is over. If an internet connection is present (Wifi OR Cellular), each set of guests will be given the opportunity to have a copy of their image emailed to them immediately. Additionally, if you have an AirPrint compatible printer, you can enable printing within the app and let your users take a copy of their final image home with them!

Save Your Money

If you've shopped around for photo booth rentals then you've already discovered the obvious - they're unbelievably expensive! Custom Booth for iPad is extremely affordable at just $9.99. Cut out the middle man, do it yourself, and save a ton of cash in the process.

A Photo Booth AND a Guestbook

Besides being a fun and effective photo booth, Custom Booth also functions as a great iPad event guestbook. Users are able to draw or type their own messages or imagery to accompany their photos.

AirPrint Compatible

Custom Booth supports Apple's AirPrint technology. If you've got a Wifi connection and an AirPrint compatible printer, you can allow your guests to print 4x6" versions of their strips out and take them home.